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Interesting guests, unique perspectives, stories you won’t hear anywhere else. Pam McKissick Without Reserve Special Edition is an entertaining TV series bringing the viewer an unbridled commentary on the world of Real Estate and the world at large. Produce by Auction Network productions, each episode is creatively driven by Pam McKissick, who, as an executive producer and host, takes full advantage of her ability to weave captivating stories, insightful information, and share thought-provoking commentary.
Episode One: Foreclosure Trustee Sales
Pam and her guest, Elsa Lewis, Executive Vice President of Default Solutions for Williams & Williams, discuss foreclosure trustee auctions that take place on courthouse steps.
Then Rob Bridges, Associate General Counselor for AltiSource, the largest servicer of real estate in the world, joins Pam for coffee to discuss foreclosure sales.
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Pam McKissick Without Reserve Special Edition
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