Auction YOUR Home? Absolutely! by Pam McKissick is an inside guide to real estate auction. Pam guides the reader through the thought processes of traditional real estate sales and addresses misconceptions surrounding auction.

Why is your house “showing” but not selling? Because buyers don’t have to compete to own it! In fact, buyers can make you compete…pitting you against the seller down the street who will lower his asking price, throw in the wrought-iron lawn furniture, the off-road bike in the garage, and two tickets to Les Misérables—the only production lasting longer than the sale of your house. The way you value, list, and sell your real estate is frustrating, inefficient, and simply archaic. I’m asking you to consider a smarter real estate sales method that puts you in control, lets you stop worrying, and allows you to move on with your life.

Auction YOUR Home? Absolutely! is available in print and on major eBook platforms.

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Auction Your Home? Absolutely!
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