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Interesting guests, unique perspectives. Stories you won’t hear anywhere else. It’s Pam McKissick Without Reserve – an unbridled commentary on the world of Real Estate and the world at large.

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Broadcast History

Pam McKissick is a veteran radio personality with a career that kicked off at the age of 18 when she was hired as one of the first female broadcasters for WNEW-FM Metromedia New York. “Pam McKissick Without Reserve” is her latest foray into the world of radio and presents a solid opportunity for stations that are looking for compelling, audience-building programming on the weekend.

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      Buy Vs. Rent

Going, going, gone: Real estate auctions aren’t only for foreclosures. Pam McKissick, CEO of the Williams & Williams auction company, says auction firms are hearing from more home sellers who are losing patience with the traditional “list-and-wait way.”
Most Americans, however, remain mystified by auction and how it works,” said Pam McKissick, Williams & Williams CEO, in a statement.
Pam McKissick, CEO of real estate auction firm Williams, Williams & McKissick and author of “Auction Your Home, Absolutely! An Inside Guide to Real Estate Auction,” believes an auction might be just the ticket for struggling sellers..

EBay for Real Estate? – The Home Front (usnews.com) – 6/8/2012

“It speaks to the fact that there’s pent up demand to be able to take control of your life and move on,” says Pam McKissick, CEO of auction firm Williams, Williams & McKissick..
WWM President & CEO Pam McKissick talks about what really works for the housing market… that of unfettered liquidity brought on by a free market, in a great OpEd piece in the Tulsa Business Journal.
Busting Out at $2 Billion: Williams, Williams & McKissick targets new frontier as it remakes the old one.
Leaders Form New Holding Company TULSA, OK, September 8, 2010: Dean Williams, co-founder and CEO of Williams & Williams, and Pam McKissick, founder of Auction Network and President of Williams & Williams, today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for the formation of WWM (Williams, Williams & McKissick) Holdings, LLC. The two media and auction executives will share ownership and control of all the companies.

“How to sell a house? Five reasons to auction it.” – 4/25/2012
Pam McKissick, Contributor – In locales across the United States, home auctions are taking place with increasing frequency. Real estate companies are opening auction divisions; agents are attending auction school to learn how to sell a house in a new way. In its first six weeks of operation, our auction portal received more than 1,000 visits from across the US and 29 nations.

“A Tale of Two Stadiums” by Pam McKissick – 6/01/2010

Two sports venues; two different disposition strategies.
“Valuing the Silverdome” – 4/14/2010
Deflated in Price and in Purpose, the Hotly Debated Michigan Arena Rises to Life Again, Thanks to Globally-targeted Auction
A recent New York Times headline read: “Program Will Pay Homeowners to Sell at a Loss.” The article goes on to describe how the program will pay you to move out of your home so the bank can sell it.

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